To Be Free from Debt

Fly Free.

To be free from all debts would be an amazing feeling. To owe no one anything, to be free from financial burdens, emotional burdens, spritual burdens and to know that whatever I do, I am free from it is all I want now.

I’ve had customers who I have been legitimately scared of. I’ve had debts to credit cards I could not afford. I’ve given up my Mustang GT because I could not longer pay for it. My car was one possession that allowed me to operate under the illusion of freedom, but it was only a part of the problem. One day I’ll get another one, but it will be a free one – I won’t owe anything on it. Everything is free as long as you pay for it upfront and nothing is free that is paid for later.

I’ve been having a difficult time lately but it’s just temporary. There is a permanent solution to this temporary problem and it’s all about becoming debt free.