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After 10+ Years in Information Technology, I've decided to refine my skills by expanding my knowledge, studying leadership skills as well as participate in other forms of personal improvement.

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A Call to Service

Even as a young man, I felt a call to service. One must be willing to sacrifice for the greater good. I'm no hero, but I know the risks of what I set out to do in life.  The founder of the LEGO® Company once stated, "Only the best is good enough." Throughout my life this has been my motto. I strive to do my best and pay close attention to quality and detail. Any successful person will tell you that courage, perseverance and strength are vital to their goals and end-game. My method is to learn from other’s successes and failures to find the most efficient path for any challenge.


“I had the privilege of working with Sidney at River Parishes Community College. His eagerness to learn and can-do attitude meant that no task was too large or too small. Sidney saw everything as an opportunity to work with and learn something new. His personality and work ethic are unmatched and anyone that works with him will be quite satisfied.”

-Todd Borne
Systems Engineer/Architect

I'm always happy to serve my clients.

"The Office"

Located in Donaldsonville, I renovated my great great grandfather's dental office in 2015 and turned it into what we call, "The Office." This was my base for operations for my company, Vega Produktions. Currently it is used for meetings of business and hanging out with friends.


Justice for All

I love the country I was born into. I'm a patriot who stands firm knowing the land that I love is a model of freedom for the entire world.

I also believe that anyone who enters into legal trouble can find their way out. My goal is to one day help rehabilitate those who found their way onto the wrong side of the law.