Sidney Ventura Vega V

My Method

The founder of the LEGO® Company once stated, "Only the best is good enough." Throughout my life this has been my motto. I strive to do my best and pay close attention to quality and detail. Any successful person will tell you that courage, perseverance and strength are vital to their goals and end-game. My method is to learn from other’s successes and failures to find the most efficient path for any challenge.

My Story

Growing up in Donaldsonville Louisiana, I rode my bike around the town with my friends and occasionally hung out on the banks of the Mississippi River. I started an information technology company in high school called Vega Produktions. While very successful, I've always had a desire to serve my country through law enforcement. In 2017 I worked as a corrections officer for 4 months. Today I am moving forward to be the man I was called to be. I am a Christian who desires to bring light into this dark world.


Your computer driving you mad?

This is the section on the website where I beg for a job. Let me fix your computer and it'll be running like new!